I am a London based Art Director/Digital Designer with 10 years of creative industry experience under my belt I was able to make my mark in the world of Digital, Editorial, and Retail. My passion in all aspects of design helped me fine tune my skills in Web design, Digital design, Front-end Development and UX with a bit of brand development thrown in the mix. My design style is clean, fresh, professional, and a little bit quirky.


So where did it all start…

My love for web/graphic design began during the wonderful discovery of Geocities, a budding designers dream! My quest to be unique led me to challenge the site builder. I began researching on HTML codes on the web, in order to create snazzy over the top fan pages (of whatever boyband crush I had at that moment) with crazy flickering animated backgrounds (stars and fireworks seemed to be my fave).

Years later I went to university to study a degree in computer engineering with a multimedia pathway, which helped in familiarising myself with industry standard design. I got tired of living on baked beans and instant noodles so whilst studying at uni I began doing some freelancing. For the past 8 years I’ve gained experience in freelance, in house design, agency and brand consultancy as an all round digital/UX designer.


Experience is the best teacher…well that’s what they say, right? erm I read it somewhere.

I’ve worked at Epsilon since Feb 2016, mainly working across the Google account. Before I made my move to Epsilon I spent 3 and a half years at Goupon, from startup to what it is today. I then spent 2 years at Algomi as a UX/UI designer working on what then became an award winning “Trading technology product of the year” at the Risk Awards.

I’ve continued to have a growing interest in all things creative and how creative can emote feeling and forces people to think.

We should all think, thinking is good!


What I love My twins (I’m a mum of social media viral twin girls), Big hair, and colours.

What I hate – Used to be olives, but I’ve grown to really like them sooo…erm.