about me

I am a London based Senior Digital Designer, with over 10 years of experience in various platforms of Design. I have seasoned skills in Graphic, Web and Brand design as well as UX/UI and information architecture, with a passion for creating interfaces using best practices, and intuitive experiences as the focus. My design style is clean, fresh, professional, and a little bit quirky.

My love for web/graphic design began during the wonderful discovery of Geocities, a budding designers dream! My quest to be unique led me to challenge the site builder. I began researching on HTML codes on the web, in order to create snazzy over the top fan pages (of whatever boyband crush I had at that moment) with crazy flickering animated backgrounds (stars and fireworks seemed to be my fave).

Years later I went to university to study a degree in computer engineering with a multimedia pathway, which helped in familiarising myself with industry standard design. I got tired of living on baked beans and instant noodles so whilst studying at uni I began doing some freelancing. For the past 8 years I’ve gained experience in freelance, in house design, agency and brand consultancy as an all round digital/UX designer.