Brief: Epsilon Agency had just been added to Google’s EMEA Creative Roster, and we needed to get the word out to key stakeholders with a big, splashy creative execution. Googlers get inundated with freebies, so instead of dumping another gift on their desk, we gave them an opportunity.

Process: We sent each Googler an unbranded balloon, with the words “Can an Idea Change the World?” The intent was to pop the balloon that revealed a note/card with the weblink that took them to landing page. The landing page had visually engaging video produced to prompt Googlers to submit a world changing idea (no matter how outlandish or small).

Result: Our DM wasn’t a gift, it was a trojan horse packed with intrigue. We stripped the assets of all branding, and centred all of the messaging around an aspirational question: “Can an idea change the world?”. The campaign took a novel approach to DM cold-calling, moving away from finished execution towards showing that we can bring a range of ideas to life.

Role: Art Direction, Creative lead, Design