Brief: Creating a board game to help build client/agency relationships. We set out to give our clients and contacts a gift that keeps on giving; a reason to get together with their teams, and rediscover the secret recipe to effective collaboration. And have heaps of fun!

Objective: A classic strategy board game where shift happens.

When we think of Christmas, we think of avoiding brussel sprouts, unwrapping memories like a tin of Roses, and getting together around a stack of board games. Everyone’s sick to the teeth of Monopoly and Scrabble though, so we created a new Christmas classic — Catchup!
From playing pieces to cards to the board itself, every element was designed in-house. We spent weeks fine-tuning the rules of the game to ensure both shone through. We quickly realised that copy will be doing most of the heavy-lifting, so crafting lines that will not only resonate, but also entertain, was extremely important.

Process:  A total of 4050 playing cards, 1080 playing pieces, and 360 stickers were sorted by hand into 90 board games.

Result: Finally, in true board game fashion, we set up a Catchup! Tournament and invited our clients along to compete. The goal was to meet up over some light bites and mulled drinks, have a bit of fun, and show how powerful it can be to build relationships with the people you work with.

The DM went on to win a Silver and People’s Choice award in the Direct Mail category of the Creativepool Annual 2019.

Role: Art Direction, Creative lead