Brief: The idea was to find new ways to tackle Google Partners content strategy so we developed the video content with specific content themes, with topics beyond soft skills, deeper actionable insights, and audience relevance.

Objective: We wanted to provide deeper more actionable insights that are highly relevant to the audience.

Process: We  created a series of videos, from script, to storyboarding and then illustrations to animation. Creative visuals that make the content easily digestible and engaging.

Result: It became a new source of Partners Polls and goal sharing. The series is promoted across the Partners global channels and we alternate promotion between video and blog to ensure that there’s a format that suits everyone.

‘The future is diverse’ inspired by Agency Optimisation, was one of the many successful insights videos. Combining inclusive marketing and talent diversity. It was clear that this would be a challenging topic due to the sensitive nature of the content, but a very timely and important one all the same.

The initial promotion of this video saw an engagement rate of 2.23% (three times the Google B2B average and almost double the Partners channels average).

Role: Art Direction, Design