Google Partners in Northern Europe, with the assistance of Hawkeye, produced a Livestream series to educate Partners and direct clients on Ads campaign best practices for the upcoming Retail Holiday season.

The challenge – how to have a high quality, consistent look and feel across 22 speakers scattered across Europe during Covid-19.

The Creative Solution
Announcing ‘SpeaKit’, a remote recording kit aimed at improving the Livestream quality and viewer experience for the series.

They didn’t want the branded DM to be festive (to give the talks longevity.) So, every livestream needs a live album. The front was a consistent brand piece, the back, tips on how to use framing and lighting to their advantage.

Once in place we worked directly with presenters on art direction to ensure creative consistency across all webinars in different settings across multiple homes.

We produced 22 videos, and animated intro and outro videos tying a narrative throughout.

Role: Art Direction, Design, Creative lead