Brief: In 2016 we created an exciting Xmas DM named The SnackBook Pro (We all know the Macbook pro). A Gingerbread laptop which was sent out to 500 clients to show creativity during the festive period. It came with a # and encouraged clients to work as a team to build their laptops whilst thinking of the Epsilon brand.

Objective: We noticed that the clients walk around with their laptops permanently in their hands, or to their chests. 
So we thought: What if we combine that every day, relatable device – the thing they know and love – with a festive staple: The gingerbread house.

Creating “The SnackBook” – A Gingerbread laptop which encouraged collaboration in the office or at home with the family. With a simple instruction manual, the laptop was easily constructed, decorated and quickly consumed by sugar-crazed individuals. Everyone talks about stepping away from technology over the holidays, and this was the perfect way to do that.

Process: Everything was produced in house (well, except the gingerbread). 
From creative sessions, concepts, design, through to boxing, labelling and handing out.
The idea was so well received that our American colleagues decided they wanted it for their North America markets. That resulted in another 500 being produced and being sent out globally.

Clients loved the uniqueness of the gift, and the conversation grew quickly – from #bestpresentever to #mysnackbook and #diygingerbread to name a few.

Result: The DM went on to win People’s Choice of the Direct Mail category in the Creativepool Annual 2017 awards.

Role: Art Direction, Creative lead