Brief: Our agency wanted to come up with a seasonal gift for our Google clients that would sit on their desk.

Process: Instantly I wanted to do something completely outside of the box and not the usual Easter egg or corporate pen.

Spring is just the time to start thinking about growing, and since office plants officially boost well-being, I took the lead on a project to help clients get green-fingered with a horticultural DM.

Their Box full of Potential housed all the ingredients to create a rustic desktop garden, including grass, a watering can, a pot, soil and basil seeds. As the seeds were planted so was the desire to win. Growing competitions sprung up among teams before the end of the day, making the gift the talking point of the floor.

I mean, who doesn’t like a hipster gnome…

Result: It went on to feature on a double page spread in the September 2017 issue of the DIRECTORY

Role:  Creative lead, Art Direction, Design